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shop my instagram. come find all the goodies that you see on insta. the clothes. the accessories. the shoes. the games. the home decor. literally. like all the things that you didn't know you needed until you saw it on my instagram. it's all here. happy shopping! 

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oh. amazon. how did we ever live without it? it's the grab bag of all the things. and a boatload of my favorite things. plus. you can't beat the delivery time. talk about a real crowd pleaser for the instant gratification junkie. {looking at me, gang} shop all my fave amazon goodies here. 

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all praise to be given goes to revision skincare. for literally transforming my skin. for revealing skin that i am finally proud of. for being relentlessly innovative. for being my holy grail of all things skincare. for being the best dang skincare line out there. shop all my favorite products here. you'll never stop using them. i promise you. 

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gimme. gimme.

who doesn't love a good code? in my mind . . . if there is a discount, i am practically saving money. not spending. am i right? or am i right? find all my fave promo codes here. i got you, boo. again. just think of all the money you are saving. 

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