well. hey there. I am a mama to three rascally boys. Trying to figure out this beautifully messy life one day at a time. I hope to inspire you to find the fun in every day. Find the yum in every bite. And find the ca-ute in every outfit. It will be authentic. It will be full of love. It will be like sitting down to coffee with your very best friend. So thrilled you are here. Cozy up & have some fun. 

kristen brett mills

hey there, mama. 

after years of people asking me where i got that cute tee shirt. or how to make the perfect pancakes. or where i purchased my throw pillow. or how I find the courage to change my hair seven times a year. i realized this would be a fun space where we can all be besties together. sharing our love for food. fashion. and fun. full disclosure. i do not know all the answers. nor am i the greatest fashionista. and hello spoiler. i'm not even a chef. but here we can pretend we are all those things together. we can admit that we most certainly do not have it all together. but we can laugh together. we can grow together. we are most certainly in this life together. and i am glad you are here with me. you're my people.

you are my people