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i remember it like it was yesterday. I had just put my three little boys to bed. i cozied up in my bed with a bag of peanut m&ms and the feeling of defeat. i was exhausted. zero energy to spare. i was in a major brain fog. running on auto pilot. my blood sugar […]

the faster way.

alright girls. we all get it. we all hate it. the dreaded pms. honestly. I don’t mind the actual period part of it each month. its the pms that really gets to me. ugh. its just the complete pits. the emotions. the anxiety. the cravings. the irritability. am i right? so i am just going […]

pms rescue.

you guys. holy smokes i have literally never been happier with my skin. i do not say that lightly. i say that with a whole lotta weight . . . and medical grade products . . . behind those words. in all sincerity. i have struggled with my skin since the age of 21. ironic […]

skincare with revision.

being a single mama of three rascally little boys is the best. i get endless snuggles. and kisses. and dog piles. honestly. the old saying is so true. little boys love their mama. and that is something that i will never. ever. take for granted. in fact. i make them promise me that they will […]

raising boys to communicate.

do you have one of those friends that just looks so fit & thin . . . and when you ask her what are you doing they respond with oh i am just so busy. i don’t have time to eat. i just forget to eat. that’s when i give them the blank stare. huh? […]

vitamin infusions with fluidz.

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