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i used to love going to the gym. spending half my time workout out, half my time socializing. it was a part of my everyday routine. and i loved it.  but the reality is . . . this was during a time in my life when i had plenty of time to spare. free time […]

faster way to fat loss: workouts for the busy mom

through the faster way to fat loss program, i started eating the right food for my body to function optimally. then i lost my baby weight without starving or depriving myself.  but it wasn’t always like this.   i remember it like it was yesterday. i had just put my three little boys to bed, cozied […]

the faster way to lose baby weight without depriving yourself

i am not keeping my secret to pms relief. not anymore. alright girls. we all get it. we all hate it. the dreaded pms. but there are remedies that can give you relief from pms symptoms. in this blog post, i share some of my favorite ways to feel better when pms mood swings strike. […]

pms relief

my skin is forever changed thanks to revision skincare. this is my story and i’m happy to share it with you all. you see. i have literally never been happier with my skin. i do not say that lightly, i say that with a whole lotta weight and medical grade products behind those words. in […]

transform your skin with revision skincare

being a single mama of three rascally little boys is the best. however, raising boys to become emotionally healthy men in the future is challenging. but isn’t that what we’re supposed to teach boys? in this blog, let me share how I’m raising boys to communicate and open up their emotions. if you look at […]

raising boys to communicate

you’re never too busy to eat healthy or get your vitamin infusion.  i firmly believe that. why? okay, hear me out. do you have one of those friends that just looks so fit & thin . . . and when you ask her what are you doing they respond with oh i am just so […]

vitamin infusion with fluidz.

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