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raising rascals. 


i know that i am not the only mama with wild & crazy mornings. you know what i am talking about. the mad dash of getting all the rascals up. dressed. groomed. fed. and out the door with all their belongings. for a happy & punctual school drop off. those mornings can be, eh, a […]

simplifying school mornings.

if you know me at all. i love celebrating.  i love celebrating people. accomplishments. holidays. lost teeth. events. a clean plate from a toddler. blooming plants. fridays. if it brings any ounce of happy . . . you better believe i am celebrating it.  so it goes without saying. holidays are my jam.  i have been known […]

halloween with party city.

laundry. dishes. trash. sweeping. chores. we all got em. the list is endless. and once you cross one off the list . . . it pops back up again the next day. dang chores. i’ll be honest. i happen to love a good chore day. when the kids are at their daddies. i will happily […]

family chores.

alright mamas. this one is for you. the other week i posted on instagram about my mom hack of color coordinating all your kids clothes. y’all went over the top bananas. lost your dang minds. in fact. many of you told me that i was brilliant. i’m here for those compliments. you all were so […]

organizing kids clothes.

being a single mama of three rascally little boys is the best. i get endless snuggles. and kisses. and dog piles. honestly. the old saying is so true. little boys love their mama. and that is something that i will never. ever. take for granted. in fact. i make them promise me that they will […]

raising boys to communicate.

my oh my is our world changing. as we are wrapping up virtual home schooling. finishing the last of our zoom calls. and logging out of our technologically advanced programing. i cant help but be amazed at how the times have changed. i remember being in grade school and having two big honkin computers in […]


so we have all grown up hearing . . . an apple a day keeps the doctor away. veggies will give you all your vitamins. that’s why ya gotta eat em. chomp down that spinach for your iron supply. well i am here to tell you. a damn apple a day is just not enough. […]

let’s talk vitamins.

a basic chocolate chip cookie is really an essential recipe to have. there is something so comforting. so simple. so nostalgic about a chewy. buttery. homemade. chocolate chip cookie. don’t get me wrong. i love a fancy cookie. load all the things in a cookie & i will gobble them up like pronto. but gimme […]

chocolate chippers.

if you give a rascal a zucchini. they will likely run for the door. if you hide it in their lemon bread. they will ask for more & more. don’t get me wrong. i am all for making my kiddos eat their veggies. as prepared. no hiding. no tricking. no excuses. eat your dang dinner […]

lemon poppyseed zucchini bread.

you all know my love for peanut butter & chocolate. it is an undying love. for sure. so naturally. i will find any way to eat it up. this snack is my way of giving a healthy spin to that sweet & salty goodness. meet the healthy-ish trail mix. sure it has an abundance of […]

healthy-ish trail mix.

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