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hi. im so glad you are here. if you are here it is because you are likely craving authenticity. you want the real reel. not the instagram reel. you are just like me. maybe you follow me on instagram and know that I am divorced. or that I struggle with anxiety. or that sometimes I […]

the real reel.

it is crazy to think that we are just two weeks away from christmas. how in the world did that creep up on us so quickly? i still have so many things on my christmas bucket list that i want to check off! all the fun things like. . . . a bajillion christmas treats […]

holidays with walmart.

I absolutely love planning fun date nights. if you have been around here for awhile, you may remember when the city was in lockdown, Ron & I did “dating through the decades.” every week we had one date night that was representative of a decade. sometime it was just the two of us . . […]

date night: the cozy edition with spiked hot cocoa & s’mores.

fall is coming. gang! I happen to love fall. its just such a cozy feeling. and speaking of cozy . . . fall is the time to make your house feel the coziest. filled with warmth. and yummy scents. and great texture. and bringing the organic nature elements & colors inside. I am just starting […]

fall decor with target.

gang. if you are looking to plan the best little boy adventure trip . . . this is it. hands down. we had the complete privilege of staying a few days at westgate river ranch last month. and it was so much more fun than i could have ever hoped for. nestled in the middle […]

adventuring with west gate river ranch.

i remember it like it was yesterday. I had just put my three little boys to bed. i cozied up in my bed with a bag of peanut m&ms and the feeling of defeat. i was exhausted. zero energy to spare. i was in a major brain fog. running on auto pilot. my blood sugar […]

the faster way.

alright mamas. this one is for you. the other week i posted on instagram about my mom hack of color coordinating all your kids clothes. y’all went over the top bananas. lost your dang minds. in fact. many of you told me that i was brilliant. i’m here for those compliments. you all were so […]

organizing kids clothes.

do you have one of those friends that just looks so fit & thin . . . and when you ask her what are you doing they respond with oh i am just so busy. i don’t have time to eat. i just forget to eat. that’s when i give them the blank stare. huh? […]

vitamin infusions with fluidz.

super excited to bring these gift guides to you all. i may be biased . . . but i believe that the MAMAS deserve to be spoiled rotten on this day. wait. no. we deserve to be spoiled every dang day. but especially on mother’s day. you will prob recognize several items on these guides. […]

mother’s day gift guides.

alright gang. the new year is in full swing. i don’t know about you . . . but i have spent this first week of 2020 getting my tooshie in gear. i have been purging. cleaning. organizing. but most of all. i have been minimizing & simplifying. it always feels really great to start the […]

pantry makeover.

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