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Gang. I have been cooking away for over a decade. my love for cooking sparked in college & has just grown over the years. I love the experience of it. I love the deliciousness of it. I love the comfort. The connection. And the memories of it. To me, food is a lot like love. […]

cooking the always pan.

if this isn’t the coziest winter meal. i don’t know what is. this crunchy & savory sandwich is sinfully delicious. the translation of this french sammie is “mister crunch.” and i couldn’t love that anymore. its darling. go ahead and add this mister crunch to your weekly menu this winter. it will warm you right […]

croque monsieur.

believe it or not. i had not experienced the gloriousness of burrata until two years ago! at first bite, I was left wondering how i had lived 33 years without indulging in its goodness. so to make up for lost time. i try to enjoy it often. one of the easiest ways to enjoy burrata […]

roasted tomatoes & burrata.

y’all ready for this? easiest. meal. of. all. time. and so dang indulgent. if you are looking for a super yum low carb meal. this is for you. it has quickly become a regular repeat in our house. and is quite possibly ron’s top five meals of all time. so i can promise you it […]

cheesy sausage peppers.

gang. this is hands down the yummiest way to eat your veggies. its salty. savory. loaded to the max with good rich olive oil & creamy feta cheese. come on. what’s not to love? bonus: it is a breeze to whip up. double bonus: the kiddos will gobble it up like candy. it is T […]

roasted veggies with feta.

ok. when it comes to comfort food . . . meatloaf ranks top three in my book. my grandmother had the best recipe and has since passed it down. i grew up eating her meatloaf regularly. so it feels super nostalgic to me. you know it is funny how when you eat something so often. […]

grandma gail’s meatloaf.

never have i ever met a pizza I didn’t love. i mean what’s not to love? this particular pizza is quickly moving up the ranks as a favorite pizza variations. it is super savory. packed with an explosion of flavors. the banana peppers bring a zesty bite. the feta brings tang. the garlic hummus brings […]

greek pizza.

this may be one of the easiest appetizers ever. but don’t be fooled . . . they are jam packed with sweet & savory flavors. and they knock it outta the park when it comes to presentation. that is the ultimate trifecta in my book . . . easy. delicious. and pretty. these little bruschettas […]

strawberry & goat cheese bruschetta.

this pizza is as beautiful as it is delicious. honestly. its realllyyyyyy tasty. the combination of flavors is unique & highly addicting. the tang from the feta mixed with the sweetness from the blueberries. and the icing on the cake . . . . those honey caramelized onions. holy smokes! really dang delicious! beautiful. right?! […]

blueberry. feta. & honey caramelized onion pizza.

i have always loved buffalo chicken. something about the heat. paired with ranch. yummmm-ba. and yes. i am a total ranch girl. in fact. there are only three foods i absolutely H A T E and blue cheese is one of them. cannot even. ranch all day. everyday. but yes. i love me some buffalo […]

buffalo chicken peppers.

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