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so dang good


oh lordy. these crispy strips of goodness are highly addicting. consider yourself warned! the sweet salty combo of pecan bacon is just so dang good. i can almost promise that you cannot eat just one piece. you just wait . . . as if bacon isn’t good enough on its own. add in some toasty […]

brown sugar & pecan bacon

this parmesan hash brown is a super simple but hugely delicious side dish. the bites are salty and crispy, loaded with parmesan and topped with scallion sour cream. just really, really yummy. i love that these could work beautifully for a brunch dish or paired with a filet for dinner. super versatile and sure to […]

parmesan hash brown bites.

the thought of eating a bacon and cheddar quiche always makes me laugh. as a child my mom would make us quiche & she could not get us to eat it. like ever. she would beg, plead, force, and still end up with no quiche eaten. being a mom now . . . I can […]

hash brown crusted bacon & cheddar quiche

this is hands down my very favorite brunch recipe. if i had to choose just one brunch food to eat for the rest of time… this blueberry crumb cake would be it. we have made this cake for years and years and years because it is just so dang good. it’s like a super crumbly […]

blueberry crumb cake recipe.

man oh man, do i love me some apple pie. the flaky crust, the cinnamon-y apples. it’s just so dang good. and it’s super nostalgic, too. like it brings me right back to thanksgiving at my grandmother’s as a young child. i have been wanting to make mini apple hand pies for a while. and […]

making mini apple hand pies.

i have to be honest. i have never met a muffin i didn’t love. but these muffins will stop you in your dang tracks. they are so delicious. the perfect hint of pumpkin. and the crumble on top is literal heaven. the rascals & i love to whip these up. and we do so often. […]

pumpkin streusel muffins

can you ever get enough cinnamon? I certainly can not. I will put it on almost anything & everything. I mean come on. you know. #allthespices right?! in my opinion. cinnamon just takes everything to the next level. cinnamon in coffee? that’s a give in. cinnamon on your whipped cream? obviously. cinnamon on your french […]

cinnamon applesauce.

man oh man. these muffins are G O O D gang. the crumble & icing on the top. i could literally eat that with a spoon. and I may or may not have done just that while baking. i’ll never tell . . . ok fine. i did. but honestly. when you bake these. you […]

apple streusel muffins.

it is september 1st. that means it is officially pumpkin season. love me if you are with me. judge me if you must. but be warned . . . i will be eating. drinking. talking all things pumpkin for the next three months. so. we all know it. people go nutty over the Starbucks pumpkin […]

pumpkin spice syrup.

this is. hands down. the most requested recipe of all time. and i completely understand why. it is so dang delicious. like out of this world delicious. worth every stinkin calorie delicious. eat for breakfast delicious. hide the leftovers from your kids delicious. all of my doctored up cakes are a home run. that isn’t […]

coconut cake.

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