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this avocado caprese toast may be one of my all time favorite lower carb lunches. and yes, i said lower. this is definitely not no carb. it is lower carb. in the faster way, we practice carb cycling, which allows us to incorporate lower carb days. and this lunch is the perfect option for one […]

avocado caprese toast with whipped feta.

man oh man, do i love me some apple pie. the flaky crust, the cinnamon-y apples. it’s just so dang good. and it’s super nostalgic, too. like it brings me right back to thanksgiving at my grandmother’s as a young child. i have been wanting to make mini apple hand pies for a while. and […]

making mini apple hand pies.

can you ever get enough cinnamon? I certainly can not. I will put it on almost anything & everything. I mean come on. you know. #allthespices right?! in my opinion. cinnamon just takes everything to the next level. cinnamon in coffee? that’s a give in. cinnamon on your whipped cream? obviously. cinnamon on your french […]

cinnamon applesauce.

this may be one of the easiest appetizers ever. but don’t be fooled . . . they are jam packed with sweet & savory flavors. and they knock it outta the park when it comes to presentation. that is the ultimate trifecta in my book . . . easy. delicious. and pretty. these little bruschettas […]

strawberry & goat cheese bruschetta.

hands down. if i could only eat one meal the rest of my life. it would be nachos. i have always. and i mean always been a huge nacho lover. i remember going to bennigans weekly growing up. and i would always get the nachos. same with chilis. that was back in middle school days. […]

baked nachos.

if you know me. you know i love a goooood grazing board. i am all about a big. oversized. abundantly packed board of food. homegirl likes to eat. homegirl likes to eat even more when she eats pretty. to me a grazing board is the easiest way to entertain. its pretty. its fun. its artsy. […]

hot cocoa board.

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