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this berry and avocado summer salad is on repeat all summer long. it is fresh. it is crisp. every bite is literally bursting with summer flavor. from the tangy blackberries, to the creamy avocado, to the peppery arugula. its down right delicious and screams summer menu. I love to serve this as a lunch salad, […]

summer salad with blackberries, avocado, and arugula.

oh Lordy. these crispy strips of goodness are highly addicting. consider yourself warned. the sweet salty combo is just so dang good. I can almost promise that you cannot eat just one piece. you just wait . . . as if bacon isn’t good enough on its own. add in some toasty pecans & caramelized […]

brown sugar & pecan bacon

this is a super simple but hugely delicious side dish. the bites are salty & crispy, loaded with parmesan & topped with scallion sour cream. just really, really yummy. I love that these could work beautifully for a brunch dish or paired with a filet for dinner. super versatile & sure to become a favorite […]

parmesan hash brown bites.

I kid you not. When I assembled this dish. I immediately ate the entire plate full. With my fingers. Standing up. Without stopping for one little breathe of air. It is THAT delicious. It is so light & fresh. Literally bursting with springtime flavors. If I didn’t think that I would turn into one big […]

broiled asparagus with gremolata burrata.

the thought of eating a quiche aways makes me laugh. as a child my mom would make us quiche & she could not get us to eat it. like ever. she would beg, plead, force, and still end up with no quiche eaten. being a mom now . . . I can totally empathize with […]

hash brown crusted bacon & cheddar quiche

this is hands down my very favorite brunch recipe. if I had to choose just one brunch food to eat for the rest of time . . . this would be it. we have made this blueberry crumb cake for years & years & years because it is just so dang good. its like a […]

blueberry crumb cake.

this may be one of my all time favorite lower carb lunches. and yes, I said lower. this is definitely not no carb. it is lower carb. in the faster way, we practice carb cycling, which allows us to incorporate LOWER carb days. and this lunch is the perfect option for one of our lower […]

avocado caprese toast with whipped feta.

Gang. I have been cooking away for over a decade. my love for cooking sparked in college & has just grown over the years. I love the experience of it. I love the deliciousness of it. I love the comfort. The connection. And the memories of it. To me, food is a lot like love. […]

cooking the always pan.

it is crazy to think that we are just two weeks away from christmas. how in the world did that creep up on us so quickly? i still have so many things on my christmas bucket list that i want to check off! all the fun things like. . . . a bajillion christmas treats […]

holidays with walmart.

gang i kid you not. i literally count down the days. stalk the aisles. waiting for the day that all the trader joes christmas treats hit the floor. and let me tell you. without exaggeration. i stock up on my faves. because I have learned the hard way that they go fast . . . […]

christmas treat board with trader joes.

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