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for only $9.99/month you'll get: 

a digital cookbook with 5 exclusive recipes monthly. these are some of my tried & true recipes that will only be shared with you! 

a grocery shopping list for all the ingredients i use for each respective board. 

a shopping guide for the vessels, utensils, and accessories used to create each board. 

access to a monthly zoom where i will teach you how to make a fantastic board. some months may be holiday themed . . . others may be seasonal, color themed, event themed, etc. 

girlfriend- i'm so excited for you to join the board of the month club (bom)!

it's the BOM(B) and you definitely don't want to miss out! You will learn all my tricks for creating a beautiful board. Whether you are entertaining a crowd, or building a mini board for your family . . . they will be blown away at your talent. And grateful for all the yum.

because you will get the grocery list & recipes ahead of time . . . you can build the board with me during the zoom. or simply do it another time. your choice! 
and lastly, you will get an email recap of the how-to create the board each month. 

•here's the deal- you can cancel at any time. no commitment. no fees. no cancelation charges. but i can promise you this . . .you’re gonna want to stick around. we are going to have a blast. and we are going to eat all the cheese. but best of all. you are going to gain the confidence to build your very own unique boards! How fun will that be?! 

can't wait to have you join the board of the month club! 

board of the month club


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