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man oh man. these muffins are G O O D gang. the crumble & icing on the top. i could literally eat that with a spoon. and I may or may not have done just that while baking. i’ll never tell . . . ok fine. i did. but honestly. when you bake these. you […]

apple streusel muffins.

it is september 1st. that means it is officially pumpkin season. love me if you are with me. judge me if you must. but be warned . . . i will be eating. drinking. talking all things pumpkin for the next three months. so. we all know it. people go nutty over the Starbucks pumpkin […]

this is just plain ol’ fun. make your own flavored ice cream. in a mason jar. in a snap. honestly. when i came upon this idea . . . i was not convinced it would actually work. but I thought. what the heck. the rascals will have fun making them. and even if it doesn’t […]

mason jar ice cream.

i have never. ever. met a cookie that i did not like. my bestie & i jokingly call ourselves the cookie monsters. when in reality it is not at all a joke. it is a fact. between the two of us. we could tell you our fave cookies & why. we could break down the […]

alright sugar pies. ready to get some sugar overload? i am a big believer that food should always be two things: most importantly it should be delicious. and it should also always be pretty. pretty food just tastes better. agree? that being said i am always on the hunt for deliciously pretty foods. these sugared […]

sugared cranberries.

if you know me. you know i love a goooood grazing board. i am all about a big. oversized. abundantly packed board of food. homegirl likes to eat. homegirl likes to eat even more when she eats pretty. to me a grazing board is the easiest way to entertain. its pretty. its fun. its artsy. […]

is there anything cozier than a big cup of hot cocoa?! we are big hot cocoa fans in this house. there is just something so inviting about hands wrapped around a big toasty mug. that’s loaded up with piping hot cocoa. topped with marshmallows. quintessential comfort in a cup if you ask me. we love […]

cup of cozy.

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