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if you know me at all. i love celebrating.  i love celebrating people. accomplishments. holidays. lost teeth. events. a clean plate from a toddler. blooming plants. fridays. if it brings any ounce of happy . . . you better believe i am celebrating it.  so it goes without saying. holidays are my jam.  i have been known […]

halloween with party city.

laundry. dishes. trash. sweeping. chores. we all got em. the list is endless. and once you cross one off the list . . . it pops back up again the next day. dang chores. i’ll be honest. i happen to love a good chore day. when the kids are at their daddies. i will happily […]

alright mamas. this one is for you. the other week i posted on instagram about my mom hack of color coordinating all your kids clothes. y’all went over the top bananas. lost your dang minds. in fact. many of you told me that i was brilliant. i’m here for those compliments. you all were so […]

organizing kids clothes.

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