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believe it or not. i had not experienced the gloriousness of burrata until two years ago! at first bite, I was left wondering how i had lived 33 years without indulging in its goodness. so to make up for lost time. i try to enjoy it often. one of the easiest ways to enjoy burrata […]

roasted tomatoes & burrata.

y’all ready for this? easiest. meal. of. all. time. and so dang indulgent. if you are looking for a super yum low carb meal. this is for you. it has quickly become a regular repeat in our house. and is quite possibly ron’s top five meals of all time. so i can promise you it […]

gang. this is hands down the yummiest way to eat your veggies. its salty. savory. loaded to the max with good rich olive oil & creamy feta cheese. come on. what’s not to love? bonus: it is a breeze to whip up. double bonus: the kiddos will gobble it up like candy. it is T […]

roasted veggies with feta.

ok. when it comes to comfort food . . . meatloaf ranks top three in my book. my grandmother had the best recipe and has since passed it down. i grew up eating her meatloaf regularly. so it feels super nostalgic to me. you know it is funny how when you eat something so often. […]

never have i ever met a pizza I didn’t love. i mean what’s not to love? this particular pizza is quickly moving up the ranks as a favorite pizza variations. it is super savory. packed with an explosion of flavors. the banana peppers bring a zesty bite. the feta brings tang. the garlic hummus brings […]

greek pizza.

hands down. if i could only eat one meal the rest of my life. it would be nachos. i have always. and i mean always been a huge nacho lover. i remember going to bennigans weekly growing up. and i would always get the nachos. same with chilis. that was back in middle school days. […]

one of my favorite things about the holiday season are all the smells. it invites such nostalgia to years past. baking cookies. preparing big feasts. sipping hot cocoa. sitting by the fresh christmas tree. crunching on candy canes. eating french toast with extra syrup on christmas morning. sitting with my dad by the crackling fireplace. […]

stovetop simmer.

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