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my oh my is our world changing. as we are wrapping up virtual home schooling. finishing the last of our zoom calls. and logging out of our technologically advanced programing. i cant help but be amazed at how the times have changed. i remember being in grade school and having two big honkin computers in […]


full disclosure. it has taken awhile for me to jump on board with natural. more holistic. approaches to wellness. i will be honest. i am what one would call late to the party when it comes to being a hippy dippy al natural cool girl. {in all actuality. i never claim to be cool. and […]

i happen to a d o r e photography. some of my most prized possessions and greatest treasures are photographs of my rascals over the last six years. i have hundreds & hundreds of them. if not thousands. from the minute their pink little bodies first entered this world. to their first bite of food. […]

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